Surge Mentorship Program

To those interested in a great project mentorship opportunity!

The UTD Blockchain group is opening applications for a technical mentorship program. Below is the description of what Surge Mentorship is about:

The Surge Mentorship Program is designed to help those with a technical, business, or design background gain the knowledge required to properly run a tech startup. We aim to cover a variety of topics ranging for clean, maintainable, and scale-able software to branding your company and pitching your product to investors and VC’s. We’ll have industry professionals with a proven business and technical record giving talks and taking questions at our weekly meetings. Outside of meetings, you’ll be expected to work with your tech to design a PoC (proof of concept) for your product. You’ll be able to ask the professionals for advice on your project, and will be in regular contact with our technical leadership team. We’re looking for a time commitment of between 5-10 hours a week, and we know it’ll definitely be worth your time.
This is meant to be a great professional experience to work with a very talented team to build a production level application usable by the general public – a challenge most college students are far achieving by the time of graduation. Completing this program will put you far ahead of your peers and make you significantly more desirable for both internships, freelance work, and full-time job applications.

If you are interested in applying, applications are open at The deadline to apply is October 24th at midnight!

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