Google is coming to UTD!

Google will be on campus on September 18th and 19th to provide information about life at Google and specific job/internship opportunities they have for students. Don’t forget to RSVP here!

1. Tech Challenge – September 18th, 7 PM – 10 PM at SSA Auditorium

Interested in participating in a fun and friendly puzzle competition? Assemble a team of up to five of your best buds to compete against other student teams in coding puzzles and word association games. The top teams will not only get bragging rights but also some pretty cool prizes. Sign up for the challenge at

2. Google Beyond Software Engineering – September 19th, 7 PM at TI Auditorium

Interested in working at Google but don’t have a CS degree (or don’t plan on getting one)? Come hear about all of the cool opportunities Google has for engineering majors outside of software engineering + why having a foundation in CS can be valuable in any industry. 

Also, if you want to have your resume reviewed and/ or do a mock interview, please sign up for a slot here ASAP:

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