More Events and Updates!

Opportunity Alert!

  • The University of Texas at Dallas is currently the leading university on a national level to promote Transforming Undergraduate Engineering Education (TUEE) and is working towards implementing the program in Fall 2016. This program is an opportunity for undergraduates to interact with companies directly, networking and allowing students to work on real life projects during their undergraduate education with the sponsorship and support of companies. Additional information on TUEE:

    We are currently looking for three WWC members who would like to represent our organization and take on one of the following leading roles:

    1. Corporate relations: ambassador between the student organization and the companies. In charge of recruiting and event planning. Direct link to the project sponsors.
    2. Student recruitment & engagement: help with mentoring, hackatons, involvement in community colleges and high schools.
    3. Diversity inclusion: recruiting, events, networking focused on minority groups.

    The three representatives will be in charge of building and developing the early stages of this program. Therefore, we are looking for people with a light workload who will be accountable for their responsibilities. Volunteers must be enrolled at UTD for the full academic year 2016-2017. Graduating Seniors are not eligible.

    If you are interested in any of these roles or have any questions, let us know in the comment section or feel free to email us.

    Other Things to Take Note Of:

  • Check out the Microsoft Student Partner Program:
  • WWC will be participating in the Springapalooza “Fun”raiser this Thursday in the SU Mall from 11:30am-3pm! Please support us by stopping by! We’ll be selling an assortment of cupcakes/brownies, cinnamon rolls, and we’ll be hosting a fun guessing game.

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